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The Treat Little John Right Campaign
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Dedicated to Little John from the BBC's Robin Hood
This community was inspired by and owes a huge debt of gratitude to treatmuchright, treatallanright and the lovely people responsible for them: rochvelleth, darkentwisted and robinfanatic.

Little John has always been an essential part of the Robin Hood legend. It's hard to imagine Robin Hood without him, yet along with the other outlaws in the BBC's most recent retelling of the legend he was frequently underused and given precious little in the way of back-story or character development, not to mention lines!

One might think this allows tremendous scope for fanfic writers to fill in the gaps but for a lot of people "quiet" = "hard to write" and John frequently only appears in the background (if at all) in fics and is rarely featured in icons, macros etc.

We're happy to admit he's a bit older and scruffier than the other outlaws but Little John deserves love too! Under that gruff exterior and all that hair there's a handsome man with a good heart and a lot more brains than he's given credit for - Queen Eleanor can see it and so can we!

So write him some fic, make some pretty pictures and...

Treat Little John Right!

(We also happen to think Gordon Kennedy is quite nice - feel free to treat him right too!)

Robin Hood Animated Mood Theme by the extremely talented rory_tutorgirl.
Little John userinfo icon - - by wastingyourgum.

Some (sadly necessary) Rules

Please make sure you’ve read this before you post and if you have any questions not answered here, get in touch.

Don't make me get out the quarterstaff!

1) You must be a member to post.

2) Snark yes, abuse no. Please respect your fellow members.

3) Fiction is very welcome (as long as it's based on the Robin Hood BBC series and features Little John in some capacity! Please no RPF - purely a personal preference of the mod.) Please give a header and put the fic itself behind a cut. Warnings must be given where warranted.

Here's a sample fic header for your cut-and-pastability:

Title: your title
Author: you
Rating: G/PG/15/18 (or G/PG/PG-13/NC-17/R if you'd rather)
Characters: (optional) tell us who's in it and any ships you're featuring (i.e. John, Much, Allan or John/Alice)
Warnings: (optional only if there are none that apply!) please warn for explicit sex, swearing, torture, violence, etc.
Spoilers: (optional) Any episodes that will be totally given away by your fic.
Disclaimer: the nasty bit where you admit Auntie Beeb owns it all
Notes: (optional) anything you want to add about your story that doesn't fit elsewhere. (Gratitude to betas usually goes here.)
Summary: a short summary of your story (This is what's usually used by the lovely people compiling rh_press and the RH LJ FicIndex)

4) Icons, banners and other art are also especially welcome but please put large images (or lots of small ones) behind a cut. You can give up to three sample icons outside the cut but that's all.

5) Please use tags. (Usual ones like 'fic' for stories, 'icons' for icons, etc.) Feel free to use your username as a tag so you can find your own stuff quicker.


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