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Intercomm Ficlet: A New Man

Title: A New Man
Author: wastingyourgum 
Words: 819
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Queen Eleanor/Little John, Legrand/Little John
Genre: General, Het, Slash
Warnings: a little bit of M/F, nothing too explicit
Disclaimer: BBC & TA own Legrand. Little John belongs to legend and Eleanor is probably spinning in her grave...
Notes: For Intercomm. Takes place waaay after S3 in my own personal little corner of Denial France where LJ, Legrand and Eleanor are seeing out their days together...

Summary: Eleanor feels like a change...

A New Man
by wastingyourgum

The Queen woke with a start, realising she was not alone in her room.

Soft moonlight revealed a large man standing by the foot of her bed. He was wearing an equally large and travel-stained cloak covering his head and body, casting his face into shadow. The dust on his leggings and boots showed he had only just arrived from a long journey.

He knelt before her as he saw she had woken. "Your Majesty."

Eleanor relaxed as she recognised his voice - it was the man she had been expecting.

"You came straight here?" she asked him.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"And no-one saw you?"

"No, Your Majesty."

"And... it's done?" she asked, hesitantly.

"Yes, Your Majesty," he replied, firmly.

She let out a long, soft, satisfied sigh. "Thank you."

She sat up in her bed and then swung her legs out from beneath the covers and padded softly across the floor towards him. He lifted his head as she pushed the hood of the cloak back from his face.

Eleanor laughed with delight as she gently ran her fingers through his short, dark hair and stroked the back of her hand down his smooth cheek. "I wonder what my consort would say if he could see you here." She smiled wickedly.

"That scruffy old oaf?" he scoffed. "He's gone, Your Majesty. You won't see him again for a while - if ever. I left him on the floor of a small shop in Blois."

Eleanor sighed. "You shouldn't speak of him like that - I fell in love with that 'scruffy old oaf'. I suspect I will even miss him occasionally... but you, you are a perfect replacement - so young and handsome," she said as she stroked his face again. "Come to bed..."

"Yes, Your Majesty." He quickly cast off his cloak followed by the rest of his clothes as she lay back on the bed.

She continued stroking his hair, delighting in the downy feel of the soft, short hairs on the back of his neck as he tugged open the neck of her nightshirt and gently kissed her breasts. He shuffled his way back down the bed away from her leaving a trail of kisses down her body as he did so before his large hands slowly pushed her nightshirt up around her waist.  He started to gently kiss at her hips and inner thighs and she moaned at the teasing soft touch of his lips and his face against her.

"So much better than that scratchy beard..." she purred and he smiled against her skin as he continued to worship her with his mouth.

"Thank you, Your Majesty..."

He tiptoed quietly into the large room and placed his pack and boots by the door. He'd just walked over towards the bed when the faintest of noises behind him made him freeze. He reacted moments too late as a pair of large arms circled his from behind, seizing him in their powerful grasp.

"I should call for the guards - tell them there's a strange man in Sir John's room," the familiar voice growled in his ear.

He smiled even as the air was crushed from his chest. The arms around him relaxed their grip and one of the hands across his chest ran slowly down over his stomach and into his breeches before lightly cupping him, making him groan with pleasure.

"Ha!" There was a gasp of mock surprise from behind him " It is Sir John!"

"Hello, Guillaume." John grinned as he felt Legrand's lips on his neck.

"So this is why you vanished for the past few days?"

"Yes, Eleanor asked for it and I couldn't think of a good reason to refuse other than stubbornness."

"I like it - much more accessible." Legrand continued to gently nuzzle at John's neck and his other hand left John's chest to stroke the side of his face.

"Well I'm glad - but I didn't do it for you."

"Turn around - let me see you properly." Legrand stepped back and John complied with his request, smiling sheepishly. Legrand gasped as he got his first good look. "It takes years off you."

"Thank you."

"How long is it since you have been short-haired and clean-shaven?" Legrand asked as he stroked John's face again.

"Many, many years. I still had fairly short hair when I first met Robin but even then I had quite a scruffy beard."

"He wouldn't recognise you now. You're almost like a different person..." Legrand was still touching John's hair and face in rapt fascination.

"I think that was part of the attraction for Her Majesty," John smiled.

"Not only her, mon cher," Legrand said as he stepped forward and started lightly kissing John's face as his hands continued their gentle caresses. "I feel like I have to get to know you all over again."

"Well that should be fun," John smirked.

"Oh yes..." Legrand grinned. "Lots."
Tags: author: wastingyourgum, char: legrand, char: little john, char: queen eleanor, fic, ficlet, intercomm, pair: john/eleanor, pair: john/legrand, rating: r
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